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We live in a broken world, and as such there is always a need for your help. Some of the most vulnerable children in the world are those who find themselves without parents or anyone else to care for them. These children suffer from neglect and can be separated from their siblings or placed in institutions where they don’t feel loved or wanted.

Hunger is a problem that has been overlooked by most people, although it is one that is affecting more and more people every day. That’s why charities have been put into motion to provide those with no access or options some assistance as well as food. The point of this charity is to provide foods and non-food essentials to those who need it and so we do so by shipping the food that we collect or buy directly to those who need it.

Without access to high-quality education, their chances of success are greatly diminished. Education is the great equalizer, but it’s not free. The cost of quality education can be high, but without donations from people like you, it is even more expensive. Because schools do not have the resources to pay all their bills, they depend on community donations.

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We have helped homeless people find homes, apartments, and shelters with a success rate of almost 90%. We have also helped a ton of animals in Wildfires. Most recently we’ve been working to help all the children that have been orphaned from those same wildfires.

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Toni B. Educational Donation

I saw this on Facebook and figured it was worth a try.Thanks for what you do. I'll be back soon.

Amanda Witman Orphanage Donations

I made a donation of $125.00 worth of donating items, and I will never regret it!

Kevin F. Wildfire Donation

Loss from the wildfires was great. I'm are glad that this community is helping through these difficult times.

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