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People everywhere need food, and so many organizations help those in need. However, not all of these organizations are created equal. Some provide assistance for a wide range of times, while others only help with emergency situations. Some even go so far as to never distribute food themselves, but rather bring in outside sources to help. We try to do it all, and in a way that will ensure a healthy future for those in need.

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Global Developmental Empowerment

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The hope is that with our help people will be able to help themselves. It is much easier to teach someone how to fish than it is to teach them how to build a boat and find fish. This idea is what our group strives towards each day.

Food is a common topic, and everyone needs it. Different areas of the world have different means to obtain food. we help reach areas that are being damaged by the environment, war, or poverty. We provide food to people in need no matter how long it takes,

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