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Many of us have grown up in households with at least one person who raised us, fed us, took care of us, and loved us. At least one person who made sure we had a bed to sleep in and enough food for the day.

But many others have not been so lucky. Millions of orphaned children are left without parents, without homes, and without any support.

For instance, Many orphanages around the world are run by people who forget their true calling. Many orphanages can be cruel and degrading places that do not care for or protect the children.

From formula and diapers to new clothes and toys, these charities keep people from going without while they struggle to make ends meet.

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One of the major ways is with the help of donors like you. There are many reasons to donate to an orphanage, but here is how it works: an orphanage is permitted by law in one or more countries to accept donations for themselves or for their services (or both). This money is then used for their expenses, including paying salaries and upkeep on buildings, feeding hungry children, and providing medical care when needed.

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