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We accept any donations of food, clothes, shelter, groceries, supplies, and whatever else you can donate. We do not accept money, but we do offer a service where we will shop for you and find what you need. We also accept donations of used bikes, car parts, and any other items that would be of benefit to the community. Please contact us with your wishes below.

Meet Our Team

Without our team building this organization would be impossible

In Australia

Jerusha Telma Jetoh

Treasure G.D.E in Australia

In Liberia

John P .Gibson

Country Manager G.D.E

Thomas G Shafah Jr

Treasure G.D.E in Liberia

Robert J Jetoh

Assistant Treasurer

In The Gambia, Fajikunda Central

In Sierra Lone West Africa, 15 Ball Street

Christian Kinjasen Smith


In Sudan and Uganda,

In Guinea, Guinée Conakry Gbessia Port 1

In Ghana, C2/12 Dzorwulu Accra Ghana

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